Service Learning Pedagogy and Field Based Learning

Important piece on community service learning and archaeology in the Mississippi Delta by Jayur Mehta.

Jayur Madhusudan Mehta

Fieldwork and Community Service Learning in New Orleans and the Mississippi River Delta.

This is a personal story, and in it, I write about why community service learning (CSL) matters to me and how my experiences in the discipline have fared since starting CSL projects in 2014. Herein, I write about why CSL is an important pedagogical tool for a holistic university education, and why archaeology, which by its very nature is embedded within descendant communities and local stake holders, can be easily integrated into CSL projects. Two recent events and outcomes from CSL have precipitated and inspired me to put pen to paper. One event was a benefit concert organized by a student for my community partners and another was a particularly successful service day with another community partner and collaborator. Through service learning activities I organized for my classes and my community partners, several successful and positive outcomes…

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