Shared Earth Installation

If you are anywhere near Monroe, Louisiana, be certain to check out this fantastic exhibition!

Shared Earth - the ancient mounds project

As promised, I’m finally getting around to posting some photographs of the current exhibit at the Masur Museum of Art in Monroe, Louisiana.  There are thirty prints in the show on two floors of the museum.  Each print was created using carbon pigment inks on Canson Edition Etching paper.  Those prints were then attached (using handmade photo corners) to Magnani Pescia printmaking paper and handwritten notes were added to the paper borders.  The exhibit also includes a large projected still image and a display table with artifacts from Poverty Point World Heritage Site.

The work is installed as a timeline that starts with the Lower Jackson Mound (built around 3900-3600 BC) through Poverty Point (1700-1100 BC) and ending with the Pargoud Mound (built around AD 1100-1540.)



Some of the photos include artifacts or archaeological drawings.


Most of the emphasis of the exhibit is on Poverty Point in celebration of its…

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