Alaska State Museums Bulletin 65

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Shaking the Money Tree
Spotlight on Grant in Aid
Alaska Museums in the News
Professional Development/Training Opportunities
Professional Time Wasting on the Web

Interview with Aaron Elmore

Last October the Alaska State Museum hired Aaron Elmore as the new Exhibits Designer to work with Curator of Exhibits, Jackie Manning, to continue the tradition of excellence in exhibitions at the Alaska State Museums.  Aaron brings to the museum more than a decade of professional graphic design experience, including the design and manufacture of various historical signs and visual displays around Juneau; his hand-painted signs, logos and murals hang throughout Southeast Alaska. Elmore is also co-artistic director for Theatre in the Rough, an award-winning theater company he and his wife co-founded in 1991. At the museum, he will be designing exhibitions at both the Alaska State Museum in Juneau and the…

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