What is a mentor?

The Process


I walked into the gallery and was somewhat confused by the arrangement of pieces.  Did it matter that I started at the piece labeled 21 and worked backward?  G, the (perhaps) organizer of the exhibit walked up.  G had invited me to the show.  She was a student in my graduate seminar from the previous semester.  I recently arranged to meet with G occasionally as the official advisor for her current internship and to discuss a possible independent study for next year.  I introduced G to my wife, E.  I noted that G looked well, as she had been up and down ill for the past month or so, it seemed.  G had a color, glow, radiance about her.  She attributed her renewed health in part to Chinese medicine.  I told E as we were leaving I thought G’s glow resulted from her being in her element, in her own…

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