Very interesting post from the Narcissistic Anthropologist, with one of the best lines being “Education isn’t a four-year program,” Mr. Goering said. “It’s a mind-set.”

The Narcissistic (American) Anthropologist

02DROPOUTS3-articleLargeIn the age of social media billionaires, networking on steroids and an emerging economy based on ability to conceive of new ideas, is the college-bound career path a bit too “old school” for the smart kids?

Today’s New York Times Sunday Styles Cover story asks just that question – or rather, poses the youth-approved and empirical evidence-driven argument that there are other paths to success and that a college education is just one that has gotten too beaten down:

Saying No to College


BENJAMIN GOERING does not look like Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, talk like him or inspire the same controversy. But he does apparently think like him.

Two years ago, Mr. Goering was a sophomore at the University of Kansas, studying computer science and philosophy and feeling frustrated in crowded lecture halls where the professors did not even know his name.

“I wanted to make Web…

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