Here is an excellent post by John Roby from the Digs and Docs blog

Digs and Docs

In an excellent post at the Society for Historical Archaeology blog, Jamie Brandon makes a case for  public outreach in archaeology that should be required reading for anyone working in the field. And I’ll go one step further: He suggests a standard of practice to which everyone with a stake in archaeological research in the U.S. should hold the professionals.

Archaeologists, especially those working for colleges and universities, spend a lot of time talking about “public outreach.” That’s an unfortunately vague term for what, to me, should be a vital part of our professional practice. On its most basic level, public outreach means demonstrating to people outside our classrooms and labs both what it is we do as archaeologists, and why it’s important.

There is a pressing practical reason to make public outreach a priority: Most archaeology in the U.S. is funded, to one degree or another, by public money…

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