Social Media – Facebook, enewsletters, blogs . . . oh my!

At the C.H. Nash Museum at Chucalissa in Memphis, Tennessee, United States – we are slowly moving into digital media through our website, enewsletter and Facebook page – all with a good bit of success. Perhaps one of the best features of digital media is the viral nature of the process. For example, with our newsletter Chucalissa Anoachi – in two years we have gone from 0 to about 1500 subscribers. The newsletter is also linked in various University of Memphis regular electronic communications that are sent to thousands of additional individuals. The newsletter is linked to our website homepage and Facebook page. We print 50 or so hard copies a month just to have in the Museum. For the newsletter, the total time investment each month to write/produce, load to our website, email the link to subscribers, and maintain the address database is approximately 5 hours. Given the targeted nature of the audience, I am convinced the time and energy of the process is a good use of resources.

We are also appreciate that a website, newsletter, Facebook page, and blog should not simply consist of the same material in different formats. Each tool works toward a specific Outreach task of our Mission.

What are your experiences with Social/Digital Media?

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