Podcasts for Outreach via Social Media

I listen to a lot of podcasts – most often when driving or riding bike. A couple that are particularly helpful to me for public outreach and marketing are Social Good and Digital Marketers Quick and Dirty Tips for Growing Your Business with Digital Tools. Both can be downloaded form iTunes – just search on the titles.

Social Good is hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy and provides insights on how nonprofit groups can more effectively use social-media to spread their messages and/or raise money. Although the slant is often toward fundraising the tools are useful for any outreach effort where you are attempting to engage the public. Recent podcasts discussed topics included: How to use Facebook to attract supporters; Effective video on a small budget; Creating an internal online culture; Developing online relationships with donors; and Communicating with volunteers online. Each weekly or so podcast runs12-15 minutes.

The Digital Marketer is part of the Quick and Dirty Tips suite of podcasts that includes the award winning Grammar Girl. The Digital Marketer focus is just that – how to market, promote, and publicize your event, organization, or whatever through digital media. With over 75 weekly episodes produced to date, recent episodes discussed: Enhancing your Facebook page; The places to get blog post ideas; A bunch of podcasts on Twitter; Using Google Apps and Google Analytics; Building your personal brand online; Tips for making e-newsletters work; Leveraging your rss feeds; and Social media productivity issues. I find that about 50% of these podcasts are relevant to my own work at the C.H. Nash Museum. Each podcasts runs 6-8 minutes.

What podcasts do you find most useful?

  2 comments for “Podcasts for Outreach via Social Media

  1. jayur
    December 5, 2009 at 1:49 am

    Looking fantastic Robert!

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